Founded in 2004 by Andrea Giraldo, A&G Trading Corp. is dedicated to the distribution of natural, organic, specialty and ethnic foods. Specializing in foods from Colombia, our products have a Latin focus and are sourced globally.

Born in New York City, entrepreneur Andrea Giraldo was raised as a Colombian. Traveling back and forth between her two countries as a child, she developed a rich heritage and deep appreciation of her culture, her roots, and especially her native food!

The decision to launch a Colombian food distribution company was a natural one. Her love of the ethnic culture, mixed with her desire to promote the authentic cuisine of her family seemed like a natural choice for a business proposition. Her timing, and the market, proved her right. The explosion of Latin culture in America created tremendous desire in America, not just in the Hispanic market, but across all markets. As The New York Times was calling Colombia “South America’s next big thing,” Andrea was growing her business from Colombian specialty foods into a resource for Latin America specialty products produced from across the continent, and right here in the U.S. And what’s more, she was growing her business by sourcing products from Asia as well!

Today, A&G Trading Corp. is a fast-growing, successful distribution company, still wholly-owned by this dynamo. As a women- and minority-owned business, it thrives in a unique place in our business world. “The distribution business is a man’s world” Andrea says, “but I believe that in life, you find your niche and make it work for you.”

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